We are super proud of all of our students. Here is the list of the winners for all divisions.

2018 Winners

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Schedule for KCM conference

2018 KCM Program-1

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Contest Summaries

Hi Fellow Advisers,

What a DAY! Note to self: Do not wait until the LAST MINUTE to FIND your KCM entries. It makes for a rather un-fun kind of day.

OK, please review this carefully IF you submitted entries. I sent personal emails to a few of you requesting additional items.


  1. If you did not send me an entry audit, please note the attached file.


These are the schools I HAVE entry audits from, but a few of these do need to email me PDFs or URLs (see No. 2). I sent individual messages to those advisers.

Butler (all),

Emporia newspaper,

Hutchinson (all),


Kansas State (YB),

Pittsburg (all),

Seward (all),

Southwestern (all),

University of Kansas (newspaper)

Washburn University (all)

Wichita State University (newspaper)


  1. If you are submitting OVERALL categories for newspaper or magazine, I did need to change that process.


The online system did not work as I had hoped/envisioned for the overall entries. If your school does not publish the pdfs of your magazine and newspaper online somewhere, then I need those PDFs emailed to me. If I download them from the site, it converts them to jpg files, which is not good for the newspaper entries. Smarter Entry is not set up to handle the input the overall category needs, so I have that set up digitally through Google. I apologize about the extra step.


If you DO have them online, then I just need the links. For example, Washburn publishes both of our magazines and newspaper PDFs online for free through


Again, I am sorry for the additional step. I have about six other schools I will need this from, so I think an extension through the weekend is appropriate.



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KCM’s new Paypal account

Greetings, everyone!

Great news — You now can pay your membership balance and conference registration online! Kansas Collegiate Media now has a Paypal account: ​Though I know many of you have said your institution is unable to make online credit card/p-card payments and must instead pay via check, I hope this will make life just a little easier for the rest of you.

When making a payment for your institution, please make mention of what the payment is for in the ‘note’ section on Paypal.

Unless you’ve contacted Regina or me, you will still need to make your contest entry payment on itself.

As always, let me know if you have any questions as we continue our march forward into the digital world.

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2018 KCM membership form

Kansas Collegiate Media membership form 2017-18

Don’t forget to fill out your membership form for the current year (attached) and send your dues to Corbin at JCCC (his work address in the membership directory). You must be current on your membership dues in order to be eligible for the spring contest and JOY awards.

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Journalists of Year

Max McCoy has graciously agreed to coordinate the 2018 contest. Full information here.

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Entry clarification

contest_clarificationUnless otherwise indicated by a specific category, all entries for the 2018 KCM conference should be published between Feb. 8, 2017 and Feb. 8, 2018. I will try to update any contrary information.

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